Workshop with Master Gao Jiamin
The Best of Standard Tai Chi

Taichi simulator with world champion, Master Gao Jiamin. She has won a total of 32 gold medals in national and international Tai Chi competitions.

This special workshop focuses on elevating your Tai Chi skills. It is for exercisers pursuing advanced skills.

世界冠军高佳敏老师曾在全国和国际太极拳比赛中,获得过32块金牌,也培养过中国、美国的世界太极拳 冠军。这次太极拳、剑讲座给您带来难得 的机会直接 向世界冠军学习太极拳、剑的功法要领,特别针对孙 式太极拳拳法、太极剑剑法理解上的偏差予以详解与

1. 32 Tai Chi Sword Form 32式太极剑

2. Sun Style Tai Chi Form 孙氏太极拳

Workshop Place:

Li’’s Wushu Academy
10268 Bandley Drive Suite 107,

Fee: $100 / each workshop
费用:$100 每个讲座

Space is limited, please reserve as soon as possible.
Call 408-582-8269