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U.S. Team Member Takes Gold at 2013 World Games

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The 9th World Games opened on July 25th in the Pascual Guerrero Stadium of Cali, Colombia.   In attendance at the ceremony were International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, World Games Association President Florence Erich Long, and Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon. 
Over a period of 11 days, athletes from over 101 countries and regions competed in 31 sports including bowling, wrestling, fin swimming, orienteering, racquetball, speed skating, and wushu.  The 9th World Games welcomed over 4,000 athletes, coaches, and officials participating in the Games.
The Wushu competition at the Games began in the Wushu stadium from August 2-4.  54 athletes and officials from over 19 countries participated in this sport.  In attendance were Vice Chairman of the International Wushu Federation (IWuF) and USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation (USAWKF) President Anthony Goh, serving as official tournament representative for the IWuF.  IWuF technical committee member Ms. Lu Xiaolin served as tournament manager, and international-level judge Shudong Li and Tony Sims, in addition to other IWuF judges served as referees for the Games.
The United States sent three qualifying athletes to the Games: Colvin Wang, Brenda Hatley, and Alan Zhao.  Stephon Morton served as USAWKF Official Team Coach.
The United States secured its first medal in the tournament’s first Longfist event.  US team member Colvin Wang’s standout performance featured swift and powerful movements, crisp and unique techniques, and solid landings, securing the gold medal win.  Following his performance, Wang was chosen as the male Athlete of the Day.
In the following two days of competition, US Wushu team member Brenda Hatley earned a bronze medal win in the female Spear/Straightsword category, and team member Alan Zhao earned a 5th place win in Male Taiji.
The San Francisco Bay Area holds a very special historical connection to the World Games, hosted for the first time in 1981 in Santa Clara, CA.  Since 1981, the Games are now hosted every 4 years, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with the International World Games Association.  The Games are a significant event in the field of competition sports.