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2015 Golden State International Wushu Championship and USAWKF National Wushu Team Trials ended with great success. This event brought in over 500 athletes and thousands of Wushu fans and spectators. We will host the 2016 Junior National Wushu Team Trial and expand our Golden State International Wushu Championships. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to see you next year.

USAWKF, President Anthony Goh and Chen Style Tai Chi Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei

Tournament Director, Master ShuDong Li

China's Culture Consul, Mr. Wang Jun

MCs, David Land and Kerry Breuer

Grand Master, Chen Zheng Lei performing Chen Style Tai Chi

Grand Master, Zhao You Bin

World Champion and Master Goa Jia Min

Judge Team

School and Teams

Golden State International Wushu Championships
and 2016 National Junior Wushu Team Trails.