2019 Golden State International Wushu Championships
USAWKF National Wushu Championships
National Traditional Wushu Team Trials
April 6, San Jose, CA USA
    The 2019 Golden State International Wushu Championships and USAWKF Nationals and Team Trials were successfully held at the San Jose Independent High School Gymnasium. This is an official US event hosted by the USA Wushu Kungfu Federation, the National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation and Li’s Wushu Academy. 726 athletes participated in individual events such as short weapons, long weapons, soft weapons, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, fitness Qigong, and group events. A total of more than 2,800 leaders, referees, coaches, athletes and spectators participated in this international martial arts event.
The National Traditional Team Trials were held in this competition. As of the end of competition, a total of 215 athletes scored 8 points or more in the top three, reaching the selection requirements of the US National Traditional Wushu Team. They have Qualified to join the team to participate in the 8th World Kung Fu Championships held in Emeishan, China on June of this year as well as participating in the 3rd Pan-American Kungfu and Taijiquan Championships held in San Jose on July 11-15 of this year.
 The Chairman of the California House of Representatives Culture, Sports, Tourism and Internet Committee, Mr. Kansen Chu and his wife, Daisy Chu, were invited to the competition to express their congratulations. Mr. Kansen Chu gave a congratulatory letter to Shudong Li, the Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee.
The chairman of the event is Mr. Anthony Go, who also is the executive vice chairman of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) and chairman of the USA Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF). The executive chairman of the competition is the 20th generation of Chen Style Taijiquan Shudong Li.
     Several schools and organizations participated at this event such as: Advance Martial Arts, All Star Kung Fu, American Wushu Academy, Champion Wushu & Arts Center, Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy, Elite Kung Fu Learning Academy, Hebei Chinese Martial Arts Institute, Honor KungFu Academy, Institute of Chinese Martial Arts, Inc., JQD Kung Fu Academy, JunHong KungFu Club, Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu & Performer Center, Legend Kung Fu Academy, Li’s WuShu Academy, Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center, Mike J. Ng Tai Chi & Bagua Institute, Monkwise Martial Arts Academy, National Martial Arts Academy, NIU Martial Arts Academy, O-Mei Academy, Phoenix Wushu Academy, Pinzhi Tang Tai Chi Association, Pure Shaolin Kung Fu, Rhythmic Art, Sacramento Tongxin Taichi, San Diego Wushu Center, Shaolin Kungfu Zen, Shaolin Temple USA, Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts, Summit Wushu Academy, Sun Flower Wushu Academy, Sun’s Kungfu Academy, Thunder Kung Fu Academy, US Wushu Center, USA International Wushu Kung Fu Academy, Wang Tao Kung Fu USA, WangNing Chen’s Taichi Academy, Wu Academy, Wushu Action Star Academy
and Zhang Kung Fu Institute.
 World Taijiquan champion Gao Jiamin and Berkeley University martial arts team head coach Bryant Fang as the board members of the arbitration committee.
Justin Eggert as the chief referee who is a grade A international level referee who is also a board member of USAWKF. The head judge leading the different rings included grade A international level judge Gao Jie, national judge Emilio Alpanseque, the Hollywood movie star Li Jing, and the national level judge Wang Sulan and Xu Dezheng. The record head judge is Zhao Ke, Serena Li, and Andrew Xi. Master Liu Xiaotang served as the opening ceremony coordinator. Jeffrey Guo and Andrew Xi served as the director of the ring leaders. Former Chinese national wushu champion Wu Qihua, and asian wushu champion Master Ding Wei, Shaolin Temple USA head Coach Master Shi Yian Ran, Master Zhao Haichuan chen style taiji master Hong Yijiao, kung fu master and coaches such as Master Gao Lei, Master Tian Chongfang, Master Sun Guoming, Master Li Zheng, Master Ye Xinglie, Master Tong Mingguang, Master Gao Jiawang, Master Zhou Chuanwang, Master Wang Ning, and Master Tang Zhongchun from Shenzhen, China, and others personally led their own team to participate in this event. Zhao Qingjian, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Wushu Tournament champion, also participated in the event as a VIP guest.
 This competition reflects the large scale, high level and the participation of different ethnic groups. It shows that the development of American martial arts has achieved great success under the leadership and promotion of the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation.
    The Golden State International Wushu Championships was first held in 2009 and has hosted the National Team Trials since 2010. The number of participants has increased from the initial 200 athletes to 726 athletes this year. The large-scale martial arts activities that people participated in, the competition specifications and the level of athletes also increased significantly. In this competition, many athletes have won gold, silver and bronze medals and rankings in the World Wushu Championships, World Junior Wushu Championships, World Taiji Championships and Pan-American Wushu Championships.
     According to the tournament director Master Shudong Li, the Golden State International Wushu Championships has experienced nearly a decade of development. The organizing committee of the competition has always been supported by the USAWKF and many Chinese martial arts schools. Teachers and coaches from various schools have strongly supported to make this tournament become an important platform for the promotion and development of Chinese martial arts in the United States.
On July 11-15 of this year, the organizing committee will host the Pan American Wushu Federation’s “3rd Pan American Kungfu & Taijiquan Championships”. At that time, the outstanding athletes and professional teams from 23 member countries in the Pan-American region will come to the United States to participate in the competition.

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