The 3rd Pan American Kungfu Championships consisted of 3 days filled with swords, colorful uniforms and splendid movements, with participating national wushu teams from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bermuda and the Chinese martial arts groups. A total of 21 teams, 398 participating athletes, 25 Pan American international referees, national sports team officials, team observers and dozens of world champions, national champions, and representatives of many traditional martial arts styles. The National Wushu Team Trials and the Health Qigong Group Exhibition were also held in the same venue. A total of 2,500 people participated in this international wushu event.

        The tournament was hosted by the Pan American Wushu Federation, organized by the United States of America Wushu-Kunfu Federation, the National Taichi Wellness Foundation, and the Li’s Wushu Academy.

Opening Ceremony of Shangde Kungfu Academy Lion Dance Show
Chairman of the General Assembly International Wushu Federation Executive Vice President Wu Tinggui and Executive Director Shudong Li
California Senate Kansen Chu State Councilor attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech
Colombian Ambassador to the United States was invited to attend the opening ceremony
Chief Referee Matt Wong and the participating Pan American and American martial arts guests
Famous media person in the Bay Area, Ms. Qian painted as the host of the conference
The Taiji descendants of Chenjiagou, China, Shen Si and his wife Cui Shibin were invited to participate.
Professor Shi Aiqiao from Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and Lv Xiaolin, member of the International Wushu Technical Committee
Ms. Xu Yulin, a Chinese Health Qigong delegation led by the head of Bao Wenhui and a contact person for Health Qigong activities, was invited to participate.
Wushu teams from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bermuda and China
Team Parade
Canadian Team
Chinese Tai Chi Cultural Exchange Center team
Mexican Team
Elite Martial Arts Academy Team
National Martial Arts Academy
US Wushu Center Team
Colombian Team
Shaolin Temple USA
Advance Martial Arts Academy(精武堂)
Li’s Wushu Academy
Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts Academy
Judge Team

Zhou Shufen teacher Qigong group exhibition opening ceremony
Dr. Niu Aijun Health Qigong
Dr. Tao Xixiu Health Qigong

Shaolin Zhengong Wushu Academy performance

Suntech Kung Fu Academy performance

Chen Fei Kung Fu Academy performance

Chen Style Tai Chi successor Shen Si, Cui Shibin couples performance

Master Mike Ng Bagua performance

Wang Zongping, Executive Vice President of the American Martial Arts Association, Chen Taijiquan Performance

Justin Eggert Chen Style Tai Chi Performance

Mr. Xu Mary, Vice President of the American General Assembly, Taijiquan Performance

Executive Director Shudong Li, Chen Style Taiji Sword Performance

World Champion Gao Jiamin, Tai Chi Performance

World Champion Chen Sitan, Tai Chi Performance

Elite Martial Arts Academy Performance

Shen Si, Cui Shibin and his wife, Chen style Taijiquan Performance

Shudong Li Chen Style Tai Chi sword performance

World Champion Gao Jiamin and Chen Sitan, Tai Chi Performance

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