2021 ITKOT Results released
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2021 International Taiji Kungfu Online Tournament
Competition Rules

2021 国际太极功夫网路大赛竞赛规则

2021 International Taiji-Kungfu Online Tournament

  1. Ranking and Awards
    1) The gold medal level award, silver medal level award, bronze medal level award and participation awards are set for each individual event, each age group, and gender. Among them, Top ranking 20% are gold medal award, 30% are silver medal award, 30% are bronze medal award, and the rest are participation award. Electronic award certificates medals will be issued (for medals, athletes need to pay for international and domestic postage and possible tariffs).
    2) Ranking awards: In addition to the level awards, the top three athletes in individual scores will be awarded first, second and Third place certificate.
    3) For duilian events the proportion and awarding methods are the same as above, but the medals are awarded according to the actual number of participants in each duilian event.
    4) Group events are divided into traditional Kungfu bare hands group, traditional weapon group, Taiji bare hands group, Taiiji weapon group, and Health Qigong group. The awarding methods are the same as above, but the medals are awarded according to the actual number of participants in each group.
    5) When the number of male and female applicants in each category is less than 5 (including 5), they will be combined according to the similar age group of the same event. If there are still less than 5 people, they will be combined according to the same age group of different event. Man and Women are admitted separately.
  2. Results
    The list of athletes who won Gold, Silver and Bronze medal awards will be announced on the event website by the organizing committee. A series of publicity reports will also be carried out through professional media co-organizers and multimedia networks.
  3. Special “Popularity Champion” Award
    The competition organizing committee launched the special “Popularity Champion” award. The winner will be determined by the total popular vote ranking score and judge team ranking score (ranked 1-10, scored 10-1). There will be 5 age groups: under 12 years, 13-16 years old, 17-25 years old, 26-55 years old, and over 56 years old (regardless of events, but men and women separated). Athletes within the top 10 scores in the listed age groups will qualify to participate in the awards selections. (If there is a group of less than 20 people, the group will not be awarded). The top three athletes will receive the “Popularity Champion” award certificate issued by the Competition Organizing Committee, and the athletes who score the first place will receive a collection of short swords engraved with the competition logo and “Popularity Champion” provided by our official sponsor Kungfudirect.com.

    Voting and judging will commence July 20th and end on August 20th. The results will be announced on August 20th. (Updated on June 6th)

Competition Awards will be announced on July 20, 2021 (Online)

1st International Taiji Science Online Forum & World Taiji Intangible Cultural Heritage Online Masters Exhibition

  1. The top 10 original research papers will be recommended for publication in the SCI journal. The top 20 paper authors will be invited as keynote speakers to the online forum with a 15-minute time slot. Other papers will be included in the conference proceedings after being reviewed by the expert reviewing team, and all winning authors will receive certificates.
  2. Taiji masters will be awarded by the expert team as either “Extraordinary performance award ” And “Performance Award”. The winners will be issued an electronic certificate by the organizer and will be announced through the conference proceedings, media platform and their own network.

Forum Awards will be announced on Sep 18, 2021 (Online)

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