2020 Regulations for Golden State International Wushu Championships

IWUF Rules and Regulations

2020 Golden State International Wushu Championships

Date: TBD

Golden State International Wushu Championships 

USAWKF Traditional Wushu Team Trials

USAWKF Junior Wushu Team Trials

USAWKF Taolu and Sanda Judge Certification Course

Due to the coronavirus, we have merged all these events into one tournament. The date is yet to be determined but will be sometime in July-September. Information will be updated soon.

Place: Independence High School Gym. 701 N Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95133.

Registration: TBD

Early Registration: TBD


  1. Golden State International Wushu Championship:International and National Teams and Individuals are all welcome.
  1. USAWKF Traditional Wushu Team Trials:Athletes participating in any of the Golden State International Wushu Championship event with score above 8.0 or top three ranking will be chosen to be a member of U.S. Team. After the athletes are selected, they will be obliged to join the USAWKF Traditional Wushu team to participate in the 9th World Traditional Wushu Championships and 4th Pan American Kungfu & Taijiquan Championships.

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