2021 ITKOT Results Released

Detailed results can be located through the competition registration website, www.Bowuu.com, or the www.Gowushu.com News and result page. Starting from July 25th, if the athletes has noticed any score calculation errors, please email to Info@gowushu.com (the error can be corrected within three days) .

If you find that your score is calculated incorrectly, please email Info@gowushu.com, and you can change the incorrect calculation within three days. 

“Internet Popularity Award”

The popularity votes will begin on July 30th on Gowushu website. The ballots will close August 20th, and the results can be found on the Gowushu website.

Competition video play will update soon !

2021 International Taiji Kungfu online Tournament
​Congratulatory letters

Anthony Goh
President of tournament

VIP Guests
Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Consulate General office SF-Zhai, Deyu

Vice President of Wushu Association of China- Zhang, Zheng

International Wushu Education and Promotion Groups
– Gold Metal winner

(Teams with more than 10 participants and have won multiple gold medals in the Group, Duilian or individual events of this competition)

Above Groups
Please contact the organizing committee for the e-certificate

Group Enent Results

Chinese Kungfu Club
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
香港弘立书院武术队Hongkong Hongli Shuyuan 
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
香港国际武术文化中心 A 队
Hongkong Wushu culture Center
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
香港国际武术文化中心 C 队
Hongkong Wushu culture Center
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
Oregon Hope Chinese School
Wushu Kungfu
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
香港国际武术文化中心 B 队
Hongkong Wushu culture Center
Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3000
Hongkong Hongli Shuyuan 
 Kungfu Group Short Weapon功夫集体短器械 30028.35Gold金牌
Shaolin Temple USA – SF
Kungfu Group Short Weapon功夫集体短器械 30028.33Silver银牌
香港国际武术文化中心 E 队  
Hongkong Wushu culture Center
Kungfu Group Short Weapon功夫集体短器械 30028.3Bronze铜牌
Oregon Hope Chinese School
Wushu Kungfu
Kung Group Long Weapon
功夫集体长器械 3003
Sitan Tai Chi & Martial ArtsKung Group Long Weapon
功夫集体长器械 3003
香港国际武术文化中心 D 队
Hongkong Wushu culture Center
Kung Group Long Weapon
功夫集体长器械 3003
Huo Yuanjia School Tianjing
 Kungfu Group Bare Hand Form
功夫集体拳 3004
Golden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
Group Kungfu Mix  From
功夫集体拳械等混合 3004 
Hongkong Hongli Shuyuan 
Eight Methods and Five Steps
集体八法五步 3005
Wang Xian Taiji Research Institute
Eight Methods and Five Steps
集体八法五步 3005
Hongkong Hongli Shuyuan
Group 24 Taiji Quan
集体24式太极拳 3006
South Coast Taichi Club
Group Yang Taiji Quan
集体杨式太极拳 3008
Jinqiao Taiji School 
Group Chen Old Style 1st From
集体陈式太极拳一路   3009
王西安拳法研究会 威海分会
Wang Xian Taiji Research Institute
Group other Chen Taiji Form
集体其它陈式太极 3011
Hongkong Hongli Shuyuan
Group Other Tai Chi Hand Form
集体其它太极拳 3015
王西安拳法研究会 南昌站
Wang Xian Taiji Research Institut
Group Other Tai Chi Hand Form
集体其它太极拳 3015

Duilian Event Results

= 团队
U.S. Wushu Center  三人对练
Banyan Jullian, Oliver Spiro,
Kaden Wong
Kungfu Bare hand Duilian 
功夫类徒手对练  2000
Oregon Hope Chinese School
Isabella and Oscar
Kungfu Bare hand Duilian 
功夫类徒手对练  2000
玉博 魏, 金全 路, 游 李
Kungfu Bare Hand with
Weapon Duilian 
功夫拳、械对练 2001 
Chinese Kungfu Club
Frederick Ha, Jiahan Yi
Kungfu Weapon Duilian
功夫类器械对练 2002
Chinese Kungfu Club
SaiMaya Selvaraj, Zihe Xu
Kungfu Weapon Duilian
功夫类器械对练 2002
8.25Silver 银牌
Rong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
Anxin Ye, Michael Shen
Kungfu Weapon Duilian
功夫类器械对练 2002
8.2Bronze 铜牌
Taiji  Bare hand Duilian
太极类徒手对练 2003 

We only list the Gold medal Winner, 
Please go to www.Gowushu.com for detailed results 

Contemporary Wushu gold medal winner

分数Score成绩Award 团队
100AFemale昊霖 李7.86Gold香港國際武術文化中心
101AFemaleSummer Zhang8.15GoldZhang Kung fu institute
102AFemaleChenfan Zhang7.9GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
100AMale佳男 于8.2Gold香港國際武術文化中心
100AMaleJesse Waiss8.1GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
102AMaleJohnson Chen7.95GoldSitan Tai Chi
105AMaleEthan Li7.9GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
107AMaleAllan Chenxi Wang7.93GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
100BFemale伊人 劉8.16Gold香港國際武術文化中心
100BFemale紫妤 趙8.06Gold香港國際武術文化中心
100BFemaleLily Kong8.05GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
101BFemaleIshita Kotra8.25GoldZhang Kung fu institute
101BFemaleJustina Wang8.2Gold
102BFemaleHayley Mui7.94GoldSitan Tai Chi
104BFemaleSophie Rosales8GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
105BFemaleJustina Wang7.95Gold
100BMaleKevin Zhao8.3GoldNIU Academy
100BMaleHeston Liang8.2GoldNIU Academy
101BMaleDennis Dong8.53GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
101BMaleAndy Wang8.37Gold
102BMaleRomydeol Ti7.95GoldGolden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
102BMale熙騰 鄭7.9Gold香港國際武術文化中心
104BMaleHeston Liang8GoldNIU Academy
107BMaleAlbert Liu8.2GoldU.S. Wushu Center
100CFemale安諾 陸8.4Gold香港國際武術文化中心
100CFemale笑妤 劉8.25Gold香港國際武術文化中心
101CFemale安諾 陸8.35Gold香港國際武術文化中心
102CFemale華琳 阮8.35Gold香港國際武術文化中心
102CFemale家如 沙8.25Gold香港國際武術文化中心
104CFemaleIsabella Law7.83GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
105CFemaleEmma Man8.36GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
100CMale子棓 陳8.25Gold
101CMaleLucas Dong8.44GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
101CMaleEthan Yip8.4GoldSitan Tai Chi
102CMale李 靖熙8.26Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
104CMaleJustin Shen8.23GoldSitan Tai Chi
105CMaleMiles Nicdao8.37GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
100DFemale黃 梓晴8.39Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
101DFemaleElaine Wang8.667Gold
102DFemale煊霏 魏8.43Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
104DFemaleElaine Wang8.55Gold
104DFemale林 子曦8.32Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
105DFemale梁 灼宜8.3Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
107DFemaleEmma Huang8.1GoldU.S. Wushu Center
100DMaleLandau Tzou8.38Gold
101DMaleTejasveer Ramdoss8.18GoldNIU Academy
102DMale許 立恆8.46Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
104DMale許 立恆8.32Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
105DMaleLandau Tzou8.36Gold
106DMaleKenneth Chow8.38GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
107DMaleLandau Tzou8.3Gold
100EFemale陳 雅喬8.35Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
104EFemaleChloe Hong8.34GoldNIU Academy
105EFemale陳 雅喬8.28Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
107EFemale雨荷 陈8.7Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
103EMaleKai Hirahara8.2Gold
104EMaleJose COLIN7.77GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
105EMale甄 蒋9.1Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
106EMaleYacine Boukhennoufa8.43GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
107EMale中强 刘8.55Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
104FFemaleDyhia Belkadi8.28GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
105FFemale紫玉 韩8.88Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
107FFemaleKathryn Hu8.42GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
104FMaleAlex Chen8.31GoldSitan Tai Chi
105FMaleHaotian Tan8.44Gold
106FMaleCharles Feng8GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
107FMaleTimothy Feng8.35GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
100GFemale馨喬 劉8.27Gold香港國際武術文化中心
102GFemale馨喬 劉8.15Gold香港國際武術文化中心
105GFemaleKristin Chieh8.3GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
103GMale游 李8.53Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
105GMale焕森 董9.3Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
107GMale鄺 柏兒8.55Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
105HFemaleDenise AVIÑA8.4GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
106HFemaleLouiza Ait mouloud8.53GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
105HMaleDante GAMBOA8.89GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
107HMaleRonaldo RANGEL8.39GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
105IMaleSamuel MONTALVO8.6GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
101JFemaleLori Jean Vadnais8.27GoldGohs Kung Fu
101JMaleCameron Kyle8.19Gold
107JMaleMoustafa Khedr8.15Gold
301AMale佳男 于8.3Gold香港國際武術文化中心
300BFemaleIshita Kotra8.35GoldZhang Kung fu institute
301BFemaleLily Zhang8.15GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
300BMaleAndy Wang8.39Gold
301BMaleJason Zhang8.26GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
304BMaleDennis Dong8.55GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
306BMaleAlex Shen8.37GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
300CFemaleTiffany Zhang8.45GoldTaichi Kung-Fu Academy
301CFemale熙澄 鄭8.3Gold香港國際武術文化中心
305CFemale華琳 阮8.37Gold香港國際武術文化中心
300CMaleEthan Yip8.46GoldSitan Tai Chi
300CMaleLucas Dong8.45GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
301CMale宇曦 陳8.3Gold香港國際武術文化中心
303CMaleMiles Nicdao8.5GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
304CMaleLawren Bai8.36GoldPMAA
305CMale李 靖熙8.34Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
307CMale李 靖熙8.3Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
300DFemaleElaine Wang8.55Gold
302DFemaleElaine Wang8.55Gold
303DFemale梁 灼宜8.4Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
304DFemaleElaine Wang8.56Gold
305DFemale林 子曦8.4Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
307DFemale林 子曦8.39Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
300DMale天濼 黃8.47Gold香港國際武術文化中心
301DMale許 立恆8.48Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
302DMale联凯 王8.7Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
303DMaleRandolph Liao8.49GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
304DMale宸碩 張8.36Gold香港國際武術文化中心
307DMaleJacob Cho8.3GoldLegend KungFu Academy
303EFemale細野 衿子8.35Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
307EFemaleKatelyn Young8.49GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
300EMaleEthan Truong8.3GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
303EMaleBanyan Jullian8.56GoldU.S. Wushu Center
306EMaleBrandon Lee8.53GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
307EMaleIvan Wang8.3GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
308EMale許 達宇8.36Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
302FFemaleJade Niu8.42GoldNIU Academy
303FFemaleElizabeth Kercher8.39GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
303FMaleTimothy Feng8.46GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
306FMaleAli Ait zerrouk8.47GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
307FMaleHaotian Tan8.5Gold
309FMaleAspen Shen8.53Gold
303GMale鄺 柏兒8.65Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
303HFemaleAlexa CRUZ8.5GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
308HFemaleLouiza Ait mouloud8.53GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
209AFemale昊霖 李8.03Gold香港國際武術文化中心
209AMale佳男 于8.05Gold香港國際武術文化中心
200BFemaleCarina Chan8.25GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
203BFemaleLily Zhang8.15GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
208BFemaleSophie Rosales8.13GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
209BFemale若晞 陳8.07Gold香港國際武術文化中心
200BMaleAndy Wang8.39Gold
201BMaleJason Zhang8.17GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
204BMaleMason Huang8GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
207BMaleAlbert Liu8.35GoldU.S. Wushu Center
208BMaleDennis Dong8.45GoldBei Dou Kung Fu 北斗功夫
209BMale柏錕 陳8.05Gold香港國際武術文化中心
200CFemaleTiffany Zhang8.35GoldTaichi Kung-Fu Academy
201CFemaleGrace Garcia8.2GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
203CFemaleIsabella Law8.15GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
204CFemaleAmelia Zhu8.3GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
208CFemaleEmma Man8.35GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
209CFemaleGrace Garcia8.28GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
200CMaleEthan Yip8.45GoldSitan Tai Chi
200CMaleLawren Bai8.39GoldPMAA
201CMaleLouis Liu8.33GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
204CMaleIsaac Liao8.44GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
208CMaleEthan Yip8.4GoldSitan Tai Chi
208CMaleLawren Bai8.28GoldPMAA
209CMaleLouis Liu8.32GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
212CMaleEvan Zhuang8.36GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
200DFemaleElaine Wang8.53Gold
203DFemaleElaine Wang8.5Gold
204DFemale煊霏 魏8.47Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
206DFemaleSamira MEDINA8.1GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
207DFemaleEmma Huang8.35GoldU.S. Wushu Center
208DFemaleElaine Wang8.59Gold
211DFemaleElaine Wang8.55Gold
212DFemale梦森 贺8.55Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
200DMale傅 愉進8.3Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
204DMaleAnson Chen8.36GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
212DMaleLandau Tzou8.39Gold
201EFemale陳 雅喬8.38Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
204EFemale張 天允8.38Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
207EFemale洪柳 王8.77Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
211EFemaleChloe Hong8.43GoldNIU Academy
212EFemaleKatelyn Young8.36GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
200EMaleMARCUS FOK8.2GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
203EMaleChengrui Li8.38GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
204EMaleJesse Zhang8.05Gold
206EMale志 田8.58Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
207EMale林 頌熹8.4Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
209EMaleKai Hirahara8.35Gold
211EMaleDylan Wentao Ter8.46GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
212EMale腾华 宋8.59Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
202FFemaleKaren CRUZ8.45GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
203FFemaleJade Niu8.36GoldNIU Academy
204FFemaleJoy Yip8.5GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
207FFemaleNina Frias8.46GoldU.S. Wushu Center
212FFemaleIris Wang8.39GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
203FMaleCharles Feng8.07GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
204FMaleTimothy Feng8.43GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
207FMaleAspen Shen8.4Gold
211FMaleAlex Chen8.49GoldSitan Tai Chi
212FMale强 王8.55Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
204GFemaleJessica Ju8.32GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
209GFemale馨喬 劉8.25Gold香港國際武術文化中心
210GFemale玉博 魏9.1Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
204GMaleJonathan Ding8.45GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
207GMale鄺 柏兒8.55Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
212GMaleBenny Lam8.55GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
204HMaleEdson MEDELLIN8.65GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
212HMaleGuiyu xu8.6GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
203JMaleRoger Rosales8.53GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
208JMaleCameron Kyle8.35Gold

Traditional Kungfu gold medal winner

分数Score成绩Award 团队
225AFemaleKetong Li8.17Gold
226AFemaleKetong Li8.3Gold
227AFemaleJinyuan Wang8.03GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
228AFemale昊霖 李8.12Gold香港國際武術文化中心
229AFemaleKyrae Tian7.52GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
230AMalechenan Wu7.9GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
231AMaleJinglun Li7.52GoldKungFu Boy
232AMaleGerry Rong8.15GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
233AMale佳男 于8.26Gold香港國際武術文化中心
234AMale爾思 蔡8.17Gold香港國際武術文化中心
235AMaleColton Zhang7.72GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
236BFemaleCarina Chan8.33GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
237BFemaleJustina Wang8.23Gold
238BFemaleJustina Wang8.08Gold
239BFemaleDelphin Wang8.23GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
240BFemale菀怡 蔣8.17Gold香港國際武術文化中心
241BFemaleJustina Wang8.07Gold
242BMaleTristan Hua8.34GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
243BMaleCollin Laynes8.34GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
244BMaleIAN Zhao Swift7.6GoldKungFu Boy
245BMaleAlex Shen8.48GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
246BMaleOscar Xu8.28GoldU.S. Wushu Center
247BMaleNicholas Gudanis8.34GoldU.S. Wushu Center
248BMaleMalvin NOCOM8.13Gold
249BMaleYicheng Zhu8.13GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
250BMaleYijun Cai8.11GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
251BMale熙騰 鄭8.13Gold香港國際武術文化中心
252BMale忠熙 蔡8Gold香港國際武術文化中心
253CFemaleIleana Lim8.52GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
254CFemaleJoanna Liu8.48GoldU.S. Wushu Center
255CFemaleAurora Le8.35GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
256CFemaleSerena Ha8.18GoldChinese Kungfu Club
257CFemale華琳 阮8.37Gold香港國際武術文化中心
258CFemale德心 許8.33Gold香港國際武術文化中心
259CFemale纯宇 欧阳8.43Gold珠海武韵功夫
260CFemale棱棱 李8.02Gold香港國際武術文化中心
261CMaleJoshwyn Hong8.25GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
262CMalePerry Zemblidge8.07Gold
263CMaleEthan Yue8.26GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
264CMale長智 李8.23Gold香港國際武術文化中心
265CMaleLawren Bai8.28GoldPMAA
266CMale子棓 陳8.26Gold
267CMaleJasveer Ramdoss8.32GoldNIU Academy
268CMaleKevin Sh en8.3GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
269CMale宇曦 陳8.24Gold香港國際武術文化中心
270CMaleRyan Ho8.15GoldThunder Kungfu
271DFemaleALAINA CHAO8.3GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
272DFemaleSofia Donroe8.17GoldWu Dang Kung Fu Academy
273DFemaleAlison MALGRAS8.32GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
274DFemaleSamantha Lu8.28GoldU.S. Wushu Center
275DFemaleAlison MALGRAS8.22GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
276DFemaleAnnabelle Cu8.43Gold
277DFemaleMichelle Yu7.96GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
278DMaleJeffrey Chao8.38GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
279DMaleLucas Sh en8.31GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
280DMalePreston Farr8.48GoldU.S. Wushu Center
281DMaleMiles Liu8.49GoldU.S. Wushu Center
282DMaleMarshall Brayton8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
283DMale水路 王8.55Gold珠海武韵功夫
284DMaleRyan Young8.48GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
285DMale陳 子傑8.3Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
286DMaleRyan Young8.35GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
287DMaleYuenshing Ye8.15GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
288DMaleYuenshing Ye8.12GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
289EFemaleJessica JACZYNSKI8.45GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
290EFemalePhylicia Shaw8.48Gold
291EFemaleKatelyn Young8.48GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
292EFemaleManuela Iamarino8.38GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
293EFemale宣含 陈8.25GoldSitan Tai Chi
294EMaleApollo Le8.31GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
295EMaleNicolas Kobayashi Ordonho8.28GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
296EMaleApollo Le8.28GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
297EMale佳宇 李8.8Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
298EMaleCasey Lew8.47GoldU.S. Wushu Center
299EMaleOliver Spiro8.5GoldU.S. Wushu Center
300EMaleBenjamin Wrinn8.4Gold
301EMalePedro Franciscato Capellato8.38GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
302EMaleNathan Tam8.37GoldThunder Kungfu
303EMaleEthan Lam8.43GoldThunder Kungfu
304EMaleChengrui Li8.39GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
305FFemaleNina Frias8.53GoldU.S. Wushu Center
306FFemaleCara Zhuang8.5GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
307FFemaleEmily Yan8.28GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
308FMaleAbhiram Tatavarty8.37Gold
309FMaleAli Ait zerrouk8.39GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
310FMaleEton Yao8.3GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
311FMaleAlan MARQUEZ8.43GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
312FMaleLeonardo Klein8.42GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
313FMaleMichael Ling8.28GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
314FMaleZane Ort8.41GoldSan Diego Wushu Center
315FMaleSamarth Hegde8.45GoldZhang Kung fu institute
316GFemaleAnxin Ye8.18GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
317GFemaleKylie Jones8.49GoldU.S. Wushu Center
318GFemaleMelissa Ait zerrouk8.58GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
319GFemaleGrace DE LA ROSA8.37GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
320GFemaleBianca Tojar8.42GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
321GFemale馨喬 劉8.22Gold香港國際武術文化中心
322GFemaleAnxin Ye8.23GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
323GMaleZiqi Shen8.5GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
324GMaleYuchen Yao8.13Gold
325GMaleMason Brayton8.5GoldU.S. Wushu Center
326GMaleJack Aqui8.39GoldU.S. Wushu Center
327GMaleRichie Chou8.12GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
328GMaleNadir Arabe8.55GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
329GMaleYuchen Yao7.81Gold
330HFemaleJashae Allen-Lamontagne8.3GoldBermuda Sanshou Association 百慕达
331HFemaleMia Shiue8.38GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
332HFemaleKahina Temime8.53GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
333HMaleKhaled Taleb8.58GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
334HMaleLuis LEZAMA8.44GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
335HMaleThiago Ferreira de Queiroz8.4GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
336IFemaleNathália Penna Felicio de Oliveira8.4GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
337IFemaleJessica Brophy8.45GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
338IFemaleJael CASTILLO8.39GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
339IFemaleSelma Vatrim Lima8.32GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
340IMaleEduardo de Souza Lima8.45GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
341IMaleCalvin Lui8.27Gold
342IMaleSébastien MALGRAS8.38GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
343IMaleFábio Moreira de Araújo8.37GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
344IMaleTyrone Perry8.4GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
345JFemaleQi An8.52GoldChang Guilin Team
346JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.27Gold
347JFemaleMichaela Mai Ee Lim8.47Gold
348JMaleMichel JACZYNSKI8.42GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
349JMaleChristopher Hoffman8.28Gold
350JMaleKrist Caldwell8.35Gold
351JMaleMoustafa Khedr8.52Gold
352JMaleRoger Rosales8.63GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
353JMaleMoustafa Khedr8.27Gold
354JMaleMarcelo Motta Miceli8.47GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
355JMaleOlaguibet Negron8.45Gold
356JMaleIuri Borges Coutinho Gallo8.54GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
358KFemaleCelia Tuzo8.37GoldBermuda Sanshou Association 百慕达
359KFemaleSharon Montella8.15GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
360KFemaleSharon Montella8.43GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
361KFemaleSharon Montella8.32GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
362KMaleJoseph Suarez8.37Gold
363LMaleAustin Simons Jr.8.43GoldBermuda Sanshou Association 百慕达
364LMale明福 李8.62Gold
365AFemaleKetong Li8.1Gold
366AMale佳轩 谢8.3Gold珠海武韵功夫
367AMaleGerry Rong8.23GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
368BFemaleThalia Tesch8.25GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
369BMaleEugene Ho8.45GoldShaolin Temple USA – Herndon VA
370BMaleMason Huang8.17GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
371BMaleAneesh Marripudi8.35GoldZhang Kung fu institute
372BMaleChenhao Zhang7.9GoldOregon Hope Chinese School Wushu Kungfu
373CFemale嘉欣 黄8.35Gold珠海武韵功夫
374CFemaleColette Ukyab8.27GoldZhang Kung fu institute
375CFemaleIleana Lim8.32GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
376CFemaleSerena Ha8.39GoldChinese Kungfu Club
377CMale凌辉 朱8.38Gold珠海武韵功夫
379CMaleKevin Sh en8.33GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
380CMale長智 李8.35Gold香港國際武術文化中心
381CMaleAndy Feng8.18GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
382CMaleAldrich Liu8.35GoldChinese Kungfu Club
383DFemaleAnnabelle Cu8.35Gold
384DFemaleSamantha Lu8.39GoldU.S. Wushu Center
385DFemaleLinyi Wang8.23GoldChinese Kungfu Club
386DMaleElijah YU8.32GoldZhang Kung fu institute
387DMaleMarshall Brayton8.48GoldU.S. Wushu Center
388DMaleElton Chao8.3GoldZhang Kung fu institute
389DMalePreston Farr8.43GoldU.S. Wushu Center
390DMaleAshvik Vadlamani8.36GoldZhang Kung fu institute
391DMaleHumberto RIVAS8.4GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
392EFemaleSophia Acken8.42Gold
393EFemaleJessica JACZYNSKI8.33GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
394EFemaleClaire Lin8.3GoldLegend KungFu Academy
395EFemaleSaiMaya Selvaraj8.36GoldChinese Kungfu Club
396EMaleJoão Franscisco Cunha dos Santos8.39GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
397EMaleApollo Le8.3GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
398EMaleOliver Spiro8.43GoldU.S. Wushu Center
399EMaleCalvin Ho8.45GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
400EMaleNathan Tam8.35Gold
401EMaleMario ALVAREZ8.5GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
402EMaleWyatt Lam8.49GoldThunder Kungfu
403EMaleWilliam Zhao8.1Gold
404FFemaleMegan Kuo8.45Gold
405FFemaleNina Frias8.49GoldU.S. Wushu Center
406FMaleBobby Nelson8.35GoldShuang Long Martial Arts
407FMaleJoão Maestri Ferreira8.4GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
408FMaleJohn Cesario8.42GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
409FMaleStephen Lo8.4GoldZhang Kung fu institute
410FMaleJesus LIRA8.54GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
411FMaleJiahan Yi8.42GoldChinese Kungfu Club
412GFemaleAnxin Ye8.31GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
413GFemaleBianca Tojar8.43GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
414GFemaleJenna Yan8.33GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
415GMaleBrian Ye8.41Gold
416GMaleLuis GONZALEZ8.46GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
417GMaleFrederick Ha8.42GoldChinese Kungfu Club
418GMaleZiqi Shen8.43GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
419HFemaleMia Shiue8.3GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
420HMaleAmoro GASSAMA8.52GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
421HMaleLuis PEREZ8.45GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
422IFemaleMaria Luiza Nascentes Tanizaki8.43GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
423IMaleJulio SALAZAR8.45GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
424JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.36Gold
425JFemaleMichaela Mai Ee Lim8.42Gold
426JFemaleSongmei Li8.1GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
427JMaleGerman Garcia8.45GoldShuang Long Martial Arts
428JMaleÍtalo Jorge Oliveira Santos8.5GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
429JMaleIuri Borges Coutinho Gallo8.53GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
430JMaleOlaguibet Negron8.53Gold
431JMaleJosé Augusto da Silva Júnior8.48GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
432KMaleJoseph Suarez8.3Gold
433AFemaleKetong Li7.93Gold
434AFemaleElla Huang8.07GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
435AFemaleKyrae Tian7.97GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
436AFemaleDora Chen7.83GoldGolden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
437AFemaleElla Huang8.15GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
438AMalechenan Wu7.97GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
439AMale凌昊 朱8.45Gold珠海武韵功夫
440AMaleYoung Jiang7.93GoldGolden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
441AMaleVincent Yao8.25GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
442BFemaleThalia Tesch8.02GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
443BFemaleIllari Cochran7.98GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
444BFemale紫妤 趙8Gold香港國際武術文化中心
445BFemale馨 温8.22Gold珠海武韵功夫
446BFemaleMia Peng8.23GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
447BMale书涵 朱8.02GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
448BMaleAaron Liang8.33GoldLegend KungFu Academy
449BMaleMason Huang8.1GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
450BMale忠熙 蔡8.13Gold香港國際武術文化中心
451BMale宇志 马8.42Gold珠海武韵功夫
452BMale楚恒 杨8.41Gold
453BMaleAllen Xu8.13GoldGolden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
454BMaleNicholas Gudanis8.48GoldU.S. Wushu Center
455BMaleParker Ai8.32GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
456CFemaleAurora Le8.12GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
457CFemaleSerena Ha8.07GoldChinese Kungfu Club
458CFemaleIleana Lim8.25GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
459CFemaleJoanna Liu8.43GoldU.S. Wushu Center
460CFemaleArwen Fu8.08GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
461CFemaleSerena Ha8GoldChinese Kungfu Club
462CFemaleGrace Garcia8.23GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
463CFemaleArwen Fu8.13GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
464CMaleZachary Yu8.4Gold
465CMaleRyan Ho8.38GoldThunder Kungfu
466CMaleEthan Yip8.42GoldSitan Tai Chi
467CMaleLuke Ishii8.17GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
468CMaleAldrich Liu8.35GoldChinese Kungfu Club
469CMale子康 刘8.3Gold珠海武韵功夫
470CMaleMarcus Ho8.2GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
471CMaleJustin Shen8.48GoldSitan Tai Chi
472CMale宗强 刘8.53Gold珠海武韵功夫
473DFemaleHana Sargent8.32GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
474DFemale怡彩 贺8.23Gold珠海武韵功夫
475DFemaleXinyi Jiang8.17GoldGolden Tiger Kung Fu Academy
476DFemaleMichelle Yu8.1GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
477DMaleAugustus Le8.07GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
478DMaleNoah Von Dem Bruch8.3GoldU.S. Wushu Center
479DMaleRyan Ong8.3GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
480DMaleHongming Xia8.28GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
481DMaleAugustus Le7.97GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
482DMaleLandau Tzou8.38Gold
483DMaleMax Duan8.32GoldThunder Kungfu
484DMaleRyan Ong8.32GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
485DMaleLucas Sh en8.43GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
486DMaleYuenshing Ye8.27GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
487EFemaleSaiMaya Selvaraj8.27GoldChinese Kungfu Club
488EFemaleSaiMaya Selvaraj8.05GoldChinese Kungfu Club
489EFemaleJessica JACZYNSKI8.27GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
490EFemalePhylicia Shaw8.43Gold
491EFemaleMaggie Chen8.4GoldSitan Tai Chi
492EFemaleSaiMaya Selvaraj8.25GoldChinese Kungfu Club
493EFemaleSophia Acken8.4Gold
494EMaleApollo Le8.32GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
495EMaleIan Budiman8.27GoldZhang Kung fu institute
496EMaleWyatt Lam8.38GoldThunder Kungfu
497EMaleCalvin Ho8.32GoldShaolin Warrior Martial Arts
498EMaleMaxie Xie8.18GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
499EMaleSahil Puranik8.29Gold
500EMaleAdrian Waiblinger8.48Gold
501EMaleZihe Xu8.08GoldChinese Kungfu Club
502EMaleJack Rothenfluch8.32GoldU.S. Wushu Center
503EMaleIsaac Wen8.57GoldThunder Kungfu
504EMaleBrandon Lee8.63GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
505EMaleNicolas Kobayashi Ordonho8.55GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
506FFemaleMegan Kuo8.27Gold
507FFemaleElizabeth Kercher8.3GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
508FFemaleSusan Jiang8.31GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
509FFemaleIris Wang8.42GoldAdvance Martial Arts Academy 精武堂武术学校
510FFemaleAngela He8.43GoldWu Dang Kung Fu Academy
511FFemaleMariella Brayton8.43GoldU.S. Wushu Center
512FFemaleCristina CARDONA8.35GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
513FMaleYunle(耘乐) Jin(金)8.13Gold中山大学
514FMaleJohn Cesario8.45GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
515FMaleEric Song8.15GoldWu Dang Kung Fu Academy
516FMaleAlex Chen8.4GoldSitan Tai Chi
517FMaleAbhiram Tatavarty8.32Gold
518FMaleStanley Lo8.27GoldZhang Kung fu institute
519FMaleJiahan Yi8.27GoldChinese Kungfu Club
520FMaleZane Ort8.5GoldSan Diego Wushu Center
521FMale文号 朱8.63Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
522FMaleEton Yao8.47GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
523FMaleAdvaith Srinivas8.43GoldThunder Kungfu
524GFemaleMelissa Ait zerrouk8.45GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
525GFemaleManon BRUNET-RANCHIN8.28GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
526GFemaleJessica Ju8.4GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
527GFemaleAnxin Ye8.15GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
528GMaleNadir Arabe8.52GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
529GMale鄺 柏兒8.52Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
530GMaleMason Brayton8.48GoldU.S. Wushu Center
531GMaleFrederick Ha8.22GoldChinese Kungfu Club
532GMaleZiqi Shen8.43GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
533GMaleZiqi Shen8.37GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
534HFemaleKahina Temime8.42GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
535HFemaleAndrea LIRA8.53GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
536HMaleJavier LIRA8.52GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
537HMaleMiguel de Oliveira Manacero8.67GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
538HMaleAntoine MOLARD8.3GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
539HMaleJuan Williams8.3GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
540HMaleMiguel de Oliveira Manacero8.67GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
541IFemaleMargaux DETILLEUL-PICARD8.17GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
542IMaleEduardo de Souza Lima8.35GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
543IMaleTan Tài HUYNH8.43GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
544JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.18Gold
545JFemaleMichaela Mai Ee Lim8.4Gold
546JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.22Gold
547JFemaleFátima da Silva Diniz dos Anjos8.35GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
548JFemale建莉 李8.6Gold王西安拳法研究会
550JMaleOlaguibet Negron8.33Gold
552JMaleKrist Caldwell8.48Gold
553KFemaleSharon Montella8.2GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
554KFemaleSharon Montella8.23GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
555KFemaleSharon Montella8.12GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
556KFemaleSharon Montella8.25GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
557LMale明福 李8.35Gold
558LMale明福 李8.33Gold
559AFemaleElla Huang8.39GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
560AMalekriyash karthikeyan8.35Gold珠海武韵功夫
561BFemaleMia Peng8.31GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
562BMale亮洲 陈8.3Gold珠海武韵功夫
563BMaleCHRISTIAN CHAO8.26GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
564BMaleAaron Jin8.22GoldLegend KungFu Academy
565CFemaleKaylin Cai8.35GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
566CFemaleSerena Ha8.24GoldChinese Kungfu Club
567CFemaleIleana Lim8.33GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
568CMaleYibin Cai8.35GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
569CMaleJoshua Tjhin8.29GoldZhang Kung fu institute
570CMaleTeddy Li8.32GoldShaolin Temple USA – SF
571CMaleIsaac Liao8.5GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
572DFemaleKHLOE FOK8.43GoldHonor Kung Fu Academy
573DFemaleLinyi Wang8.3GoldChinese Kungfu Club
574DMaleYuenshing Ye8.19GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
575DMaleFarhaan Shikalgar8.37GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
576DMaleYuenshing Ye8.23GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
577DMaleRandolph Liao8.45GoldSun’s Kung Fu Academy
578EFemaleSaiMaya Selvaraj8.33GoldChinese Kungfu Club
579EFemaleJessica JACZYNSKI8.38GoldDynamic Kung Fu Academy
580EMaleAlex Chung8.2GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
581EMaleIsaac Wen8.41GoldThunder Kungfu
582EMaleKaden Wong8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
583EMale佳宇 李8.53Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
584EMaleWyatt Lam8.51GoldThunder Kungfu
585FFemaleElizabeth Kercher8.36GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
586FFemaleMegan Kuo8.32Gold
587FMaleTyler Duong8.52GoldThunder Kungfu
588FMaleJiahan Yi8.35GoldChinese Kungfu Club
589FMaleJohn Cesario8.4GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
590FMaleNicholas Chang8.5GoldThunder Kungfu
591GFemaleKylie Jones8.39GoldU.S. Wushu Center
592GFemaleAnxin Ye8GoldRong’s Kungfu Academy 荣武堂
593GMaleRichie Chou8.17GoldUS International Wushu Kungfu Academy
594GMaleFrederick Ha8.35GoldChinese Kungfu Club
595GMaleJack Aqui8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
596IMaleGuofeng(国锋) Zhao(赵)8.42Gold中山大学
597IMaleTan Tài HUYNH8.39GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
598IMaleSébastien MALGRAS8.32GoldCKW Black Dragon 法国CKW黑龙队
599JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.26Gold
600JFemaleTomoko Koyama8.15Gold
601JMaleMoustafa Khedr8.17Gold
602LMale明福 李8.3Gold

Taiji and Health Qigong gold medal winner

分数Score成绩Award 团队
1000JFemale丽 徐8.36Bronze王西安拳法研究会
1000JFemaleFariba Saddadi7BronzeSouth Coast Taichi Club
809BFemaleEmily Kong8BronzeWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
913BFemale欣宇 张8.23Bronze王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913BFemale锶允 张8.2Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
802DFemale灼其 梁8.35Bronze香港國際武術文化中心
910DMale茗杰 张8.23Bronze王西安拳法研究会威海分会
802EFemale騰 喜華8.35Bronze香港弘立書院武術隊
801FFemale陳 曉嵐8.18Bronze香港弘立書院武術隊
802FFemale陳 曉嵐8.35Bronze香港弘立書院武術隊
809FMaleAspen Shen8.37Bronze
801JFemaleClaire Chevalier8.25Bronze
801JFemaleFong Zhang8.25Bronze
801JFemaleBoi Ling Ooi8.2Bronze
801JFemaleAnita Dickey8.05Bronze
804JFemaleMaría José Gomes8.38BronzeTraditional Tai Chi Chuan Academy Uruguay 乌拉圭
804JFemaleManuela Alfonzo8.33BronzeTraditional Tai Chi Chuan Academy Uruguay 乌拉圭
805JFemale丽萍 王8.27Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
805JFemale建兰 汪8.24Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
910JFemale丽 徐8.3Bronze王西安拳法研究会
910JFemale英 廖8.29Bronze王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
911JFemale艳恒 徐8.38Bronze王西安太极标准化教学推广、认证中心-大连站
911JFemale迎麦 卢8.36Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
911JFemale丽 徐8.36Bronze王西安拳法研究会
911JFemale海卿 宋8.33Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
913JFemale建莉 李8.55Bronze王西安拳法研究会
804JMaleMoustafa Khedr8.33Bronze
804JMaleAndrés Rodao8.32BronzeTraditional Tai Chi Chuan Academy Uruguay 乌拉圭
805JMale俊勇 吴8.28Bronze王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
805JMale翔 龙8.28Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
805JMale新国 卢8.22Bronze
805JMale调虎 程8.2Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
809JMale茗茗 张8.5Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
809JMale建国 陆8.5Bronze
910JMale福浩 王8.38Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
911JMale福浩 王8.39Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
913JMale志广 刘8.35Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
913JMale奉贤 吕8.34Bronze
802KFemaleSharon Weissmann8.35BronzeSitan Tai Chi
804KFemaleJiangyan Qin8.39BronzeLucky Dragon Chen Taichi Association Richmond
804KFemaleMariana Mariño8.38BronzeTraditional Tai Chi Chuan Academy Uruguay 乌拉圭
901BFemale怡彤 周8.2Bronze王西安拳法研究会威海分会
901DMale令珂 孟8.25Bronze王西安拳法研究会威海分会
904JFemaleJianwen(剑雯) Luo(罗)8.3Bronze中山大学
904JFemale迎麦 卢8.28Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
904JFemale英 廖8.2Bronze王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
904JFemaleSongmei Li8.2BronzeSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
905JFemaleClaire Chevalier8.35Bronze
905JFemaleAnita Dickey8.33Bronze
901JMale调虎 程8.4Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
901JMale俊勇 吴8.3Bronze王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
904JMale新权 臧8.6Bronze王西安拳法研究会
904JMaleNathan Leavitt8.5BronzeU.S. Wushu Center
904JMaleJianhui(Jay) zhou8.4BronzeJay Tai Chi New Zealand 新西兰
904JMale翔 龙8.35Bronze岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
909JMale志广 刘8.4Bronze王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
901KFemalePatti Ng8.3BronzeU.S. Wushu Center
904KFemaleJin Wang8.38BronzeLi’s Wushu Academy
904KFemale金雪 盖8.35Bronze王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
904KFemalePatti Ng8.33BronzeU.S. Wushu Center
901KMale光明 张8.35Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
901KMale荣华 胡8.3Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
904KMale光明 张8.36Bronze王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
904KMaleDaniel M Lo8.35BronzeLi’s Wushu Academy
907KMaleFrancis X Rosica8.35BronzeU.S. Wushu Center
1000FMaleCharles Feng8GoldSoaring Eagle Kung Fu
1000HFemaleKeyi Shi8.35GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
1000IFemaleDoudou(豆豆) Yang(杨)8.4Gold中山大学
1000JFemalePatrizia Leone Vercruyce8.43Gold
1001JFemaleFariba Saddadi7GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
1002JFemaleFariba Saddadi7GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
1003JFemaleFariba Saddadi7GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
1005JFemalePatrizia Leone Vercruyce8.5Gold
1000JMaleJianhui(Jay) zhou8.42GoldJay Tai Chi New Zealand 新西兰
912AFemale恒瑞 梁8.2Gold王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
800BFemale欣燚 呂8.15Gold香港國際武術文化中心
805BFemale郭玉 王8.3Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
809BFemaleLily Kong8.1GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
910BFemale怡彤 周8.32Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913BFemale郭玉 王8.27Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
805BMale淑辰 孙8.32Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
809BMaleYunny Zhou8.1GoldJay Tai Chi New Zealand 新西兰
910BMale宜道 李8.3Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913BMale宜道 李8.27Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800CFemale欣淇 呂8.15Gold香港國際武術文化中心
801CFemale欣淇 呂8.38Gold香港國際武術文化中心
802CFemale欣淇 呂8.38Gold香港國際武術文化中心
809CFemale怡茗 苗8.3Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
910CFemale怡茗 苗8.33Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913CFemale雅欣 孙8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800CMale雋 毛8.15Gold香港國際武術文化中心
912CMale舒然 邱8.2Gold王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
802DFemaleSofia Matrisciano8.53GoldOregon Tai Chi Wushu
804DFemaleJosefina Tobía8.25GoldTraditional Tai Chi Chuan Academy Uruguay 乌拉圭
805DFemaleMeiling Hou8.33GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
910DFemale子轩 丛8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913DFemale桔 孙8.37Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800DMale天濼 黃8.233Gold香港國際武術文化中心
801DMale天濼 黃8.38Gold香港國際武術文化中心
802DMale宸碩 張8.35Gold香港國際武術文化中心
809DMaleChanghe(昶合) Ren(任)8.12Gold中山大学
910DMale铭硕 丁8.32Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913DMale铭硕 丁8.39Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800EFemale吳 家盈8.317Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
801EFemale吳 家盈8.45Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
802EFemale智雅 巩8.7Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
805EFemale林莹 侯8.4Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
809EFemaleRania Rabia8.3GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
819EFemale胡 歷舒8.38Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
910EFemale隽嘉 张8.32Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913EFemale隽嘉 张8.37Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
801EMaleKaden Wong8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
802EMaleYazid Temime8.45GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
804EMaleWilliam Zhao8.2Gold
809EMale金宝 吴8.5Gold天津霍元甲文武学校
910EMale善霖 谷8.34Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
913EMale林阳 王8.36Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800FFemale陳 頌儀8.25Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
801FFemale梁 芊晴8.32Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
802FFemale梁 芊晴8.4Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
810FFemaleMariella Brayton8.5GoldU.S. Wushu Center
819FFemale梁 芊晴8.38Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
801FMale王 大福8.45Gold
802FMale王 大福8.45Gold
805FMaleBailing Hou8.43GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
806FMaleBailing Hou8.4GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
809FMaleKyle Ng8.46GoldLegend KungFu Academy
801GFemaleAva Yu8.55Gold
802GFemale苑翠 羅8.39Gold香港國際文化體育綜合培訓中心
812GFemaleAva Yu8.56Gold
819GFemale苑翠 羅8.46Gold香港國際文化體育綜合培訓中心
804GMaleReid Lindsay8.43GoldU.S. Wushu Center
812GMaleYuchen Yao8.35Gold
814GMaleMason Brayton8.5GoldU.S. Wushu Center
807HFemaleKeyi Shi8.5GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
911HFemale伊伊 宋8.43Gold郑州工业应用技术学院体育学院
913HFemale伊伊 宋8.35Gold郑州工业应用技术学院体育学院
801HMaleFredy DIAZ8GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
809HMale世豪 侯8.58Gold
819HMale偉恆 黃8.45Gold香港國際文化體育綜合培訓中心
911HMale世豪 侯8.55Gold
804IFemalePatricia Barruffa8.4GoldChen Taiji Uruguay 乌拉圭
801IMaleCalvin Lui8.22Gold
804IMaleOmar AVINA8.46GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
805IMale宇 庞8.49Gold
806IMaleGuofeng(国锋) Zhao(赵)8.47Gold中山大学
819IMaleGuofeng(国锋) Zhao(赵)8.5Gold中山大学
910IMale竞杰 刘8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
912IMale京林 隋8.4Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
913IMale竞杰 刘8.42Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
800JFemaleKaren Low8.433GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
801JFemale美英 陈8.38Gold
802JFemale美英 陈8.53Gold
803JFemale美英 陈8.47Gold
804JFemaleKaren Low8.43GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
805JFemale利清 郭8.5Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
809JFemale晓敏 杨8.55Gold
809JFemale献玲 王8.55Gold
812JFemalePatrizia Leone Vercruyce8.45Gold
813JFemaleFong Zhang8.4Gold
819JFemale美英 陈8.5Gold
910JFemale利清 郭8.55Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
911JFemale晓云 李8.45Gold王西安太极标准化教学推广、认证中心-大连站
912JFemale海卿 宋8.32Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
913JFemale利清 郭8.55Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
801JMaleCameron Kyle8.23Gold
802JMaleEdvaldo Pereira de Santana Júnior8.3GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
804JMaleNathan Leavitt8.49GoldU.S. Wushu Center
805JMale传中 程8.56Gold王西安拳法研究会
805JMale国强 赵8.55Gold
806JMale诚武 储8.49Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
808JMaleXiangyang Deng8.35GoldXiangyang Deng
809JMaleKarim Ait zerrouk8.5GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
819JMaleGregory Gil8.33Gold
910JMale磊 黄8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
911JMale磊 黄8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
912JMale志广 刘8.4Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
913JMale新权 臧8.59Gold王西安拳法研究会
801KFemale道桂 唐8.47GoldSitan Tai Chi
802KFemale道桂 唐8.45GoldSitan Tai Chi
804KFemale治珍 刘8.53Gold
805KFemale建闽 王8.45Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
806KFemale亚萍 储8.38Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
807KFemaleJiangyan Qin8.42GoldLucky Dragon Chen Taichi Association Richmond
808KFemaleJiangyan Qin8.38GoldLucky Dragon Chen Taichi Association Richmond
812KFemalePatti Ng8.35GoldU.S. Wushu Center
819KFemaleSharon Montella8.28GoldWhite Dragon Fist Style Pai Lum
910KFemale雅娟 刘8.5Gold
911KFemale雅娟 刘8.5Gold
802KMale向前 王8.4Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
804KMaleFrancis X Rosica8.35GoldU.S. Wushu Center
805KMale立华 刘8.25Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
808KMaleNicholas Lehmann8.42GoldU.S. Wushu Center
809KMaleQuang Uong8.42GoldLi’s Wushu Academy
812KMaleNicholas Lehmann8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
819KMale兴 袁8.55Gold
910KMale孟琦 韩8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
911KMale孟琦 韩8.5Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
801LFemaleAddy GAMBOA8.25GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
910LFemale绍华 郭8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会
911LFemale绍华 郭8.3Gold王西安拳法研究会
802LMaleLarry Rothman8.4GoldU.S. Wushu Center
809LMale觐义 邓8.43Gold王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
913LMale振武 廖8.39Gold王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
901AFemale恒瑞 梁8.25Gold王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
901BFemale欣宇 张8.3Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
901BMale淑辰 孙8.3Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
901CFemale雅欣 孙8.3Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
904CFemale怡茗 苗8.4Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
901CMale舒然 邱8.2Gold王西安拳法研究会临汾分会
901DFemale桔 孙8.36Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
904DFemaleMeiling Hou8.3GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
906DFemaleSofia Laib8.53GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
907DFemaleHana Sargent8.9GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
908DFemaleHana Sargent8.35GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
901DMale铭硕 丁8.39Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
904DMale茗杰 张8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
905DMaleMarshall Brayton8.5GoldU.S. Wushu Center
901EFemale林莹 侯8.35Gold王西安太极拳法推广中心
904EFemale隽嘉 张8.25Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
905EFemalePhylicia Shaw8.4Gold
906EFemale騰 喜華8.4Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
901EMale林阳 王8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
904EMale林阳 王8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
905EMaleKaden Wong8.39GoldU.S. Wushu Center
908EMaleYazid Temime8.6GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
909EMaleWilliam Zhao8.25Gold
905FFemaleMariella Brayton8.53GoldU.S. Wushu Center
907FFemale梁 芊晴8.35Gold香港弘立書院武術隊
908FMaleBailing Hou8.4GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
909FMaleBailing Hou8.43GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
905GFemaleAva Yu8.65Gold
903GMaleMason Brayton8.56GoldU.S. Wushu Center
905GMaleReid Lindsay8.45GoldU.S. Wushu Center
908HFemaleKeyi Shi8.49GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
909HFemaleKeyi Shi8.45GoldWang Ning Chen’s Taichi Academy
901HMale世豪 侯8.7Gold
904HMaleLahcene Ouidir8.5GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
906HMale偉恆 黃8.46Gold香港國際文化體育綜合培訓中心
904IFemaleDoudou(豆豆) Yang(杨)8.49Gold中山大学
900IMaleMichael Tran8.5GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
904IMale竞杰 刘8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会威海分会
900JFemale美英 陈8.5Gold
901JFemale明霞 孙8.39Gold温县陈小旺拳法研究会吉林省松原市前郭县分会
902JFemale美英 陈8.55Gold
904JFemaleXuan(萱) Zeng(曾)8.45Gold中山大学
904JFemale三华 祁8.4Gold王西安拳法研究会
905JFemaleJie Gu8.5GoldZhuang’s Taichi & Kung Fu Academy
906JFemale美英 陈8.46Gold
908JFemaleKaren Low8.48GoldSouth Coast Taichi Club
909JFemale海卿 宋8.39Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
901JMaleNathan Leavitt8.53GoldU.S. Wushu Center
904JMaleKarim Ait zerrouk8.6GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
906JMaleEdvaldo Pereira de Santana Júnior8.43GoldBRAZILIAN WUSHU TEAM 巴西国家武术队
908JMaleKarim Ait zerrouk8.6GoldDjurdjura wushu school 阿尔及利亚
909JMale新权 臧8.58Gold王西安拳法研究会
900KFemale治珍 刘8.55Gold
901KFemale雅娟 刘8.45Gold
904KFemale建闽 王8.45Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
905KFemale琦 吕8.53GoldSitan Tai Chi
906KFemale治珍 刘8.5Gold
908KFemaleSue Fong Leong8.35GoldSitan Tai Chi
900KMaleEric Snyder8.45Gold
901KMale立华 刘8.4Gold岳西(大别山)王西安太极拳法协会
904KMale孟琦 韩8.45Gold王西安拳法研究会韩孟琦太极拳馆
907KMaleQuang Uong8.5GoldLi’s Wushu Academy
905LFemaleAddy GAMBOA8.2GoldFederacion de Wushu de la Republica Mexicana
908LFemaleMieko Okada8.43GoldSitan Tai Chi
901LMale振武 廖8.35Gold王西安拳法研究会:张茗茗太极南昌站
904LMalePaul Sidenblad8.38GoldLi’s Wushu Academy

2021 International Taiji Kungfu Online Tournament
Competition Rules

2021 国际太极功夫网路大赛竞赛规则

2021 International Taiji Kungfu Online tournament registration is a complete success.

The 2021 International Taiji-Kungfu Online Tournament is a large-scale online Wushu competition, sanctioned by the Pan American Wushu Federation (PAWF), United States of America Kungfu-Wushu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF) and organized by the National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF).

The competition registration ended on July 4, with a total of 953 athletes and 62 participating teams from United States, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Algeria, Peru, Bermuda, New Zealand, Ecuador, Spain, Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore, a total of 22 countries are participating in this online tournament.

Among the international teams, The Wang Xian Taiji research Institute led by Master Sujie Yan, has the largest number of participating teams with 66 athletes participating; Master Cunliang Yu, led 48 athletes from Hong Kong, China; Mr. Adrian Teyechea Garza, Chairman of the Mexican Wushu Association led the Mexican team with 47 athletes; the Brazilian Wushu Association Secretary General Mr. Marcus Alves led the Brazilian Wushu team with 28 people. There are 42 participating teams in the United States. Among them, Master Steve Zhang led the Zhang Kungfu Institute team with 45 athletes; international and national wushu champion Master Qiuhua Wu led the U.S. International Martial Arts Academy team with 43; world champion master Jiamin Gao led the U.S. Wushu Center team with 36; world champion Sitan Chen led the Stan Tai Chi Martial Arts Team with 34; Master Ke Zhao led the Thunder Kung Fu and Zhuhai Wuyun Kungfu Team with 32;  Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy; Advance Martial Arts Academy; Golden Tiger Martial Arts Academy, and Sun Wu Academy; Legend KungFu Academy; Rong’s Kungfu Academy; Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts;  Soaring Eagle Kung Fu; Honor Kung Fu Academy; Dynamic Kung Fu Academy; Wang Ning Chen’s Tai Chi Academy; NIU Academy; KungFu Boy; also organized large teams to participate in this competition.

Tournament Officials
Chairman of the Tournament
Anthony Goh
Vice president of International Wushu Federation
President of PAWF and USAWKF

Director of the Tournament
Shudong Li
Vice President of USAWKF
President of NTCWF

Chairman of the Presidium of the Competition Organizing Committee
Adrian Teyechea Garza (Mexico), Carl Hyden (United States), Cp. Ong (United States), Gongbao Yu ( China), Malee Khow (United States), Marcus Alves (Brazil), Xiaolin Lu (United States), and Yiyuan Li (United States). ​

Executive Broad member of the Competition Organizing Committee
United States
Chongfang Tian, Andrew Niu, Dezheng Xu, Dong Liu, Guoming Sun, Haichuan Zhao, Han Mei, Jack Guo, Jun Rong, Junchang Lu, Justin Benedict, Kaifei Song, Ke Zhao , Le wang, Lijuan Zang; Lynn Lin, Qiang Li, Rongqi Yu, Steven Zhang, XIu heng and Zheng Li.

Chuanzhong Cheng, Cunliang Yu, Dai Ren, Donghong Wang, Guoqiang Zhao, Jianmin Wang, Liqing Guo, Liqiang Suo, Mengqi Han, Mingming Zhang, Peiliang Tian, Qing Liu, Sujie Yan, Tao Kang, Xianghai Chen, Xinquan Zang, Donghong Wang, Jianmin Wang, Sujie Yan, Cunliang Yu, Xinquan Zang, Mingming Zhang and Guoqiang Zhao.

Other countries
Benjamin Gutierrez (Peru), Carolina Alegre (Uruguay), Faye Yip (UK), Garon Wilkinson (Bermuda), Jay Zhou (New Zealand), Karim Ait zerrouk (Algeria), Wen Ke (France) and Yoko (Japan).

Referee Team
Director of the Arbitration Committee
Xiaolin Lu
(USA, International Wushu Federation IWUF, International level Judge, Director of the IWUF Technical and Competition Subcommittee)

Deputy Director of the Arbitration Commission
Bangjun Jiang (USA, IWUF Judge), Jiamin Gao (USA) and Sitan Chen (USA).

Arbitration Committee Commission
Faye Yip (UK), Qiuhua Wu (USA), Sujie Yan (China), Wen Ke (France) and Yanran Shi (USA),

Chief Referee (Wushu, Tai Chi)
Matt Wang
(USA, IWUF Judge, Member of IWUF technical committee)

Chief Referee (Traditional Kung Fu)
Marcus Alves
(Brazil, IWUF Judge, Member of IWUF technical committee)

Deputy Chief Referee
Anthony Chen (USA, WUF Judge), Daijuan Gu (Canada, WUF Judge),
Heng Wang (Canada, WUF Judge) and Justin Eggert (USA, WUF Judge).​

Head Judge
Head Judge 1: Kevin Law (USA, IWUF Judge)
Head Judge 2: Dehao Niu (USA, IWUF Judge)
Head Judge 3: Hannah Gao (USA, IWUF Judge)
Head Judge of 4: Chunhua Fu (Canada, IWUF Judge)
Head Judge of 5: Emilio Alpanseque (USA, Technical Specialist)

Scoring Judge
Alex Tran (IWUF Judge), Dong Liu (PAWF Judge), Eugene Moy (IWUF Judge), Grace Yan (PAWF Judge), Jane Ho (PAWF Judge), Qiong Liu (PAWF Judge), Quang Uong (PAWF Judge), Shirley Chen (PAWF Judge), Shufen Zhou (National Judge), Stephanie Lim (PAWF Judge), Tim Tan (PAWF Judge), Wei Wang (PAWF Judge), Xiaomin Han (PAWF Judge), Xueqiang Lu (National Judge), Yang Li (PAWF Judge), Yang Zhang (PAWF Judge), Yoko (IHQF Judge) and Zheng Li (PAWF Judge).

Record Head Judge
Ke Zhao (Event Technical Specialist), and Wei Ding (Event Technical Specialist).

Record Judge
Guiyu Xu and Zhiyang Xia

Network Technology Specialist
Ryan Tang (PAWF Judge)​

Competition results
Announcement date: July 20, 2021
Competition Results announcement at website: www.gowushu.com
including PAWF and USAWKF Member list’s Local/International news and media network channels.