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Pan American Wushu Federation (PAWF)
United States of America Kungfu-Wushu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF)

Pan American Wushu Federation (PAWF)

The Pan-American Wushu Federation (Federacion Panamericana de Wushu – PAWF) unites North, Central and South America. PAWF was formalized in Baltimore during the 1995 World Wushu Championships. Presently, nearly two dozen member countries of the Federation include Argentina, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Trinidad/Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela and the U.S.A.

United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF)

The USAWKF is the official United States representative to the 146 member-nation International Wushu Federation (IWUF). The USAWKF is the first and only organization in the U.S. to successfully develop regional and national activities, and its formation has tremendously improved the way Wushu-Kungfu events are managed and conducted in the U.S.

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National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF)
­Li’s Wushu Academy

National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF)
DBA Taiji Science Federation (WTJSF)

National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation founded in 2008 is a Non-profit charitable Organization under 501(c)3 EIN: 26-3280834 in silicon valley California. Its mission is to promote and develop taiji wellness to the communities. The headquarters are located in San Jose, CA.

The organization has been hosting an annual event called Golden State International Wushu Championships, starting in 2009 the organization continues to organize and host national and international wushu and health qigong events such as USAWKF national wushu team trials, national junior wushu team trials, national taijiquan team trials and the Pan American Wushu & Taijiquan championships and national taiji championships as well as provided tai chi & health qigong wellness program for the communities.


Science Forum Organizations

Taiji Science Federation (WTJSF)
National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF)

The Taiji Science Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered under the U.S. Government and is composed of institutions of American, European and Chinese universities, scientific research institutions and health and wellness associations, as well as international medical health experts, researchers and professors. Its predecessor was the National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation established in 2008. It has participated in a number of Taiji health studies, held many international Taiji and Health Qigong forums, and established a “Medical Tai Chi” course at Stanford University. For many consecutive years, it has hosted official U.S. Taiji events such as the US National Taiji Team Trials, the U.S. National Taiji Judge Training Course, and the U.S. National Taiji-kungfu Championships. In 2019, it successfully hosted the Pan-American Wushu Championships, a large-scale intercontinental taiji-kungfu tournament. The association is committed to taking “Journal of Taiji Science” research as its lead; using “Journal of Taiji Science” academic journals as a platform; using scientific experiment data analysis to support medical Taiji prescriptions, formulating medical Taiji standards, certification programs, and education curriculums. With the assistance of scientific research international exchanges, forums, and festivals, it promotes Taiji science, culture and wellness on a global scale.


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The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is a public land-grant research university in Illinois in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana. It is the flagship institution of the University of Illinois system and was founded in 1867. As of August 2020, the alumni, faculty members, or researchers of the university include 30 Nobel laureates, 27 Pulitzer Prize winners, 2 Turing Award winners and 1 Fields medalist.

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Hangzhou Normal University is a public university in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, China. It is a comprehensive university with an excellence in teacher training and professional development. HNU has nearly 12,000 full-time students, 9,000 of whom are undergraduates. Of over 1,000 teachers, over 100 have a doctorate degree or are Ph.D. candidates, and 283 have a master’s degree. There are nearly 490 professors (researchers) and associate professors (associate researchers).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Harbin_Sport_University_logo.pngHarbin sport university, referred to as “Hati”, is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. It is the only general higher sports university in Heilongjiang Province. The school was founded in 1958, formerly known as Harbin Sports School; in September 1958, the State Council approved the establishment of Harbin Sports College on the basis of Harbin Sports School. In December 2003, the Ministry of Education approved the school to have the qualification for joint training of master’s degree students.
According to the information on the school’s official website in February 2017, the school covers an area of ​​2,781,100 square meters and a building area of ​​174,800 square meters. There are 9 teaching colleges. The department offers 12 undergraduate majors; there are 535 faculty members, 5,852 undergraduates, and 111 postgraduates.

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World Taiji Net
Large-scale comprehensive international Taiji network website. It is the earliest and most influential Taiji online platform in the world. It is jointly created by many powerful cultural, technological, and media organizations. Using modern network technology as a means, we are committed to spreading and inheriting the world’s intangible cultural heritage Taiji. It has developed into a three-dimensional media organization that integrates text, pictures, and video, and integrates multiple platforms and forms. Over the years, it has hosted or co-organized dozens of Taiji cultural activities with extensive influence at home and abroad with governments or large organizations in China and around the world.


Five Branch University
American Association of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (AACMA)
US Collegiate Taiji Federation
Wuhun-Taiji Magazine of China
Senior Sports Magazine of China

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