World Taiji Science Federation (WTSF)

The World Taiji Science Association (WTSF) is a non-profit organization registered under the U.S. Government and is composed of institutions of American, European and Chinese universities, scientific research institutions and health and wellness associations, as well as international medical health experts, researchers and professors. Its predecessor was the National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation established in 2008. It has participated in a number of Taiji health studies, held many international Taiji and Health Qigong forums, and established a “Medical Tai Chi” course at Stanford University. For many consecutive years, it has hosted official U.S. Taiji events such as the US National Taiji Team Trials, the U.S. National Taiji Judge Training Course, and the U.S. National Taiji-kungfu Championships. In 2019, it successfully hosted the Pan-American Wushu Championships, a large-scale intercontinental taiji-kungfu tournament. The association is committed to taking “Journal of Taiji Science” research as its lead; using “Journal of Taiji Science” academic journals as a platform; using scientific experiment data analysis to support medical Taiji prescriptions, formulating medical Taiji standards, certification programs, and education curriculums. With the assistance of scientific research international exchanges, forums, and festivals, it promotes Taiji science, culture and wellness on a global scale.


Golden State International Wushu Championships & USAWKF National Kungfu Team Trials

The Golden State International Wushu Championships & USAWKF National Kungfu Team Trials is hosted by World Taiji Science Federation(WTSF) and Li’s Wushu Academy, and sanctioned by the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF). The competition has been held Since 2009,and has hosted Large-scale international official tournaments such as Pan American Wushu Championships, International and  National Championships, USAWKF National Wushu Team Trials and National Junior Wushu Team Trials as well as the National Taijiquan Team Trials etc.

International Taiji Science Forum &
World Intangible Cultural Heritage Taiji Masters Exhibition

This event was hosted by the “World Taiji Science Federation” and is a large-scale international forum. Distinguished guests such as members of the International Olympic Committee, deans and academicians of internationally renowned colleges and universities, five Chinese 9th Duan martial arts grandmasters, inheritors of Taiji from various genres, and Taiji world champions was presented together. Lecturers and performance guests came from 32 well-known universities in 20 countries and regions it is a major event in the field of International Taiji science.

Journal of Taiji Science (JTS), Digital Edition: ISSN 2832- 062X, Print Edition : ISSN 2832-0611

The Journal of Taiji Science (JTS), Includes both print (ISSN 2832-0611) and electronic (ISSN 2832-062X) formats. Is a peer-reviewed, open access, indexed journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles, in all areas of psychological health wellness, Sport, medical and Exercise.  We welcome contributions from all fields there in, including the humanities.  Journals are published used English language.







College Medical Taiji, Students sports wellness program, Students team and club sponsor programs

With international institutions being WTSF’s leading partner, one of the vital encouragement projects of the WTSF is Educating and developing wellness programs such as Taiji, Wushu, Kungfu, Health Qigong, etc., for the university’s faculty, staff, and students. WTSF has launched online health-preserving courses for the sponsored universities club members. WTSF’s first batch of club sponsorship programs was officially launched in 2022. It will offer Taiji, qigong, wushu, and Kungfu, traditional sports and wellness courses for 20 formally proofed university clubs across the United States.

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